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Sunday, May 15, 2011

class of 1954

i have had a class photo of junior high students from 1954 in my collage material box for a couple of years.  recently i unearthed it and started playing with ideas for a new box.  i have a vintage orange barbie dress in my collection, and thought that a print involving class pictures from the same era might be a good match-up.  at the studio the other day, i started experimenting with the idea.  i didn't get a good print for the assemblage box, but i do like the print on its own.  now i am working on a whole series of prints based on the idea.  i like the play of foreground and background playing a semi equal role.  this one has 6 layers of color.  yellow, orange, khaki, brown, blue, and white.  i am making these small, as i think it would evoke a more "mug shot" look.  a group of them together in the same frame might be an interesting display idea.  by the way, the scan shows the paper as slightly blue for some reason.  it's actually off-white.  

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