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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lack of oxygen

this is another wooden piece from my collection.  i think this little cage was a give-away when a bird was purchased at a pet store.  above the graphic are the letters SOLD in pencil, which are then scratched out.  maybe they returned the bird?  on the underside, the cage is stamped "Made in Occupied Japan", which dates it to the late forties to the early 50's.  for some reason i like these old bird cages.  i have tried to find some on ebay and etsy, but they are usually really expensive.  most are sold as "miner bird cages", meaning that they were probably used by men in the mines to determine if there was enough oxygen down there.  but i'm not sure about this.  

speaking of enough oxygen, mine is about gone.  it's from the gasps of frustration over facebook.  over the last year or so, i have been an active participant.  but not anymore.  i am going to delete my account today.  there are two reasons, one being that i can't face the political posts and commentary any longer.  the second is that i am finding myself getting sucked in to the political posts and commentary! i am all for politics, but i don't want to shove it in anyone's face without a discussion.  it's the same as religion, or anything else.  i respect your choice, but expect you to respect mine.  sometimes i feel like facebook isn't the best place for that kind of discussion.  i knew it was getting bad for me when i started posting a few political things.  and then i realized i was preaching to the choir.  if you didn't happen to be a member of that choir, i was really alienating you.  and that's not what i wanted to do.

so no more facebook.

i know that this could not be a good thing for me artistically.  i used facebook to let people see new work, or announce shows.  i also use it to alert people that i have a new blog post.  but it's the chance i'll have to take.

maybe when the election is over, i can safely go back to that kind of social media.  but for now, i am done for the moment.

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