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Monday, June 18, 2012

a much needed break

john and i headed down to taos this weekend.  it seemed that the tree full of cherries might need some attention.  

it's a good thing we made the drive, as the magpies had discovered our crop, and were eagerly chomping cherries, leaving a scattering of pits under the tree.  they scolded us whenever we were in the yard, and at times we saw up to four of them noshing happily. i didn't get a picture of them in the tree, but here is a shot of one waiting patiently for me to leave the yard.  you have to look a bit closely, he's sitting on the far fence a bit right of center.

this is only part of the harvest:

we had to leave almost half of them on the tree.  we think we brought home at least 50 pounds.  it was certainly a good year for cherries.  we also let anyone we knew that there were more cherries for the taking.  and we suppose that the magpies will also have a nice feast in the coming days!!

it was a bit smoky in the valley this weekend.  there are still several fires burning, the newest in ruidoso, which is south of santa fe.  our thoughts are going out to those affected by the fires in new mexico and colorado.  we are sending our most powerful positive thoughts into the universe, wishing they will help those who are fighting and those who have lost.

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