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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

marie antoinette and her ship hairdo, part 2

this is one of my sketchbook pages from a few years back.   this is the image that got me dreaming about a print with marie antoinette and the ship in her hair.  that particular sketchbook had a library pocket on each page, and there was an interactive part that you had to pull.  as you can see, the hair grew taller, taller, taller, and was topped off with a sailing ship.  i guess a trend was started in 1778 when the french frigate "la belle poule" was victorious, and it started a hair trend with the ladies of the court.  they wore enormous poufs with scaled down ships as the crowning embellishment.  

anyway, i think the print is close to finished.  it came out very 60's looking for some reason. so now i have decided the next one in the series will be similar, but with a huge beehive instead.  funny how 200 years later the styles kind of repeated themselves.  no ship in the 20th century, but still quite the fashion statement.

here she is:

is it me, or am i the only one who keeps remembering that old herb alpert album?

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