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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

clean a room a day

there is about to be a surplus of artwork in our house.  with the closing of the shop this weekend, and the end of the shy rabbit show, i will have a bunch of stuff that needs a home in the casa for a while.  john and i were very aware of this issue, so have been working on cleaning a room a day for the transition.  we haven't really stuck to the room a day rule, but we have been pretty good about the project.

this was our guest room yesterday.

john decided to install some shelving in the closet to take care of some of the clutter that was stacking up from the move.  nothing fancy, just some melamine shelving from the home depot.  he installed it on either end of the closet, leaving the center open for a rod.  we thought it would be nice for our guests to have a functioning closet when they visit.

he even painted the interior with gloss white, and trimmed it out with white trim.

here is the after.  we still have a lot to fit in here from the shop, but i am thinking that it won't be a problem.  

ta-da!!  all ready for a visitor!  it feels so good to be organized!!  

(did i ever tell you my favorite store is the container store?  heaven!  i may have to go spend some cash getting some more organizing tools tomorrow!!)

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