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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

snow day!!

it's hard to believe that one week ago i was walking on the beach, eating dinner outdoors, and jet skiing with the dolphins on the gulf of mexico.

we have had two snow storms already in colorado.  we have had almost as much snow this winter as we did the whole of last winter.  crazy.  the trees still have their leaves, and we lost one big branch on the russian olive in the back yard.  i put a yardstick into the pile of snow on our outdoor table, and it said 9 inches.  but that was hours ago, and it's still snowing.

my friend jane and i took our dogs to the park to play this morning.  her dog, zoe is the blonde, vinny is the tall dark and handsome one.  with the ridiculous tail.  they had a blast running in circles,  joy in every leap and bound.  now vinny is fast asleep on his bed as i type.  

i do love the snow.  it always feels all cozy and warm in the house, and it's so quiet.  i think i need to make a hot cup of tea, and then get back to work.  i have been making some things to sell in the shop for the holidays.  here is a sneak peak at one of the assemblage pieces.  more to come!!

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