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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

landscape painting

yesterday i went and listened to mark nelson, a denver painter.  he talked about the landscape, particularly the plein air landscape.  i will be spending the next 2 mondays outdoors practicing this technique.  plein air is not new to me.  i spent 2 summers in DC with high school students, lugging all of our equipment in the 100 degree, 100% humidity.  it was certainly a good experience, mostly because i got used to someone looking over my shoulder all day as i painted.

mark is an incredibly talented guy, but his work is not readily visible on the internet.  luckily, my friend kelly berger, an aspiring painter herself, sent me a few photos.  so here is one to share.  i like his simple composition, with the actual "land" minimized into a very small strip.  very dramatic, wouldn't you say?

wish me luck.  as  i said in the last post, i am a bit overwhelmed with the whole idea.

front range sunset by mark nelson

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