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Monday, April 4, 2011

collage blocks

i just listed these little collage blocks and the collages in my last post in my etsy shop.  the figures are pages from my sketchbook that i have cut out and collaged on 3x4.5" birch plywood blocks.  they could easily be perched on a ledge or hung with the attached hardware.  i am liking the new style of artwork without a frame.  they seem a bit more modern.  wonder what they will be saying in 30 years?  
"those dang artists from the 10's, they always were making stuff on those dang wood blocks!"

speaking of a blast from the past, today i was in anthropologie looking the place over to see what was new in the field of display.  and guess what they have hanging from the ceiling?  macrame pieces!  i keep seeing macrame these days.  as installations, as decor, as art pieces.  who would have ever thought that would be cool again?  guess i better start practicing my knots!  

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