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Thursday, September 16, 2010

spray paint!!

ok, so i had a really fun day. and i made this. with spray paint, and stencils. it was so incredibly fun. i spent over 4 hours playing with techniques, literally painting myself into a corner and back out...over and over again. it was a true day of artistic problem solving, and exactly what i needed.

i have 2 more to try...unfortunately i left the canvasses in the studio, so i will have to go down first thing and get them while i'm on a roll. i was so into it that i almost forgot to feed the dog and make dinner.

if you look really close (you can click the image to make it look bigger in a new window) you can see that her dress is collaged underneath with an old calculus book. and the texture in the background is paint chips. they are now painted over, but i like the texture the create. i also wanted to keep it a little out of control, hence the orange. i sprayed it on at random before i put down the stencils.

the piece is 12x30".

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