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Saturday, May 15, 2010

new coin box

this is the desk in my studio. it's a mess with all sorts of assemblage fodder. i really like my new set-up. i have 3 work spaces, and now i really can set stuff out and play. i will admit i am not staying as tidy as i had wished, but oh well. at least i am being productive.

this photo shows the new coin box in progress. it's been a really fun problem to solve, both in color and composition. it has a late 60's color scheme, and lots of vintage stuff. all mounted on an old game board. i found some cool pre-made shadow boxes to put it in. i am also putting the first coin box in the same kind of box. they are deep and stained an espresso color. i think they make the artwork richer. unfortunately i still have not sat down and figured out how to put two images on the website of the same work. so all you can see there is a detail. (i know, i am technologically impaired.) once school is out i will have time to figure it out.

anyway, it will be in the show on the 21st, so stop by and see it in person along with the first box. neither have ever been in the shop before.

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