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Saturday, April 17, 2010


it's finished. all i need is glass. i always put the glass in last so that i can photograph the boxes without it. then there's no glare to deal with.

i glue in the pieces using gel medium. i have found it's better than any kind of other glue because it dries clear, is really strong, and is also flexible. it also has a long drying time, so you can adjust things a little as you get the pieces put in. way better than epoxy, once you are past the 5 minute drying time, you are unable to move anything.

i also finished bird box 2 and am really happy with it. i think i'll photograph it tonight and get it on the site. i'm thinking i may leave it out of the store until the show. i want to make sure there is some new stuff that nobody has seen yet. i am also buying up some fun and different things that i will have for sale. funky magnets, cool necklaces, lots of found objects and ephemera. i just hope i can get it all together before then.

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